Multimedia Workshop
As a technology, it is called multimedia. As a revolution, it is the sum of many revolutions wrapped into one: A revolution in communication that combines the audio-visual power of television, the publishing power of the printing press, and the interactive power of the computer. Multimedia is the convergence of these different professions, once thought independent of one another, coming together to form a new technological approach to the way information and ideas are shared.
Our Services:
  1. Logo Designing
  2. Business Cards
  3. Letter Pads
  4. Envelopes
  5. Book Printing
  6. Leaflets / Pamphlets
  7. Flex / Vinyl Printing
  8. Wall Posters
  9. Visual Ads
  10. Album Making
  11. 2D / 3D Animations
  12. Visual Effects
  13. Advertisements / Hoardings
  14. Channel Ads
  15. Graphics

We at our "Multimedia Workshop" deliver the best of what technology can do in the hands of skilled craftsmen with innate ideas.

Our Solutions