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1. Action
This is an ingenious product to simplify Photo Editing works with many ingenious Action Scripts in Photoshop. Just a click it takes all to create a splendor fully designed albums, broachers, banner ads., photos or, you just name it!
Below is one of its classic sample, the hair-cutter-effect made simple.


This Adobe Photoshop Action Script package is released under the name ACTION version 2.0 and released by VSS Technologies, Karaikudi.
So get your copy andů

2. Video Sanctuary
An innovative Video Encryption Software to protect your video from unauthorized distribution and playback.
When you run this application, you will be presented with the interface (as in fig. 1a abstract) [under the tab file encryption] to begin your video's encryption. This software encrypts a video file that you have selected with the password, which you will be asked to enter, and also you need to set the video's expiration date. The encryption process begins once you press the 'Encrypt File' button. The result will be an Executable (.exe) file that you can distribute to the intended recipient.
When the user (intended recipient) runs this .exe file he/she will be asked to enter its 'Playback code' (as in fig. 2 abstract) and also the application will present that Machine's Id', which he/she has to mention to you (the distributor of the video).
After the user places request for the playback code, you need to have his/her machine-id before you begin. Now open the Video Sanctuary application and select the 'Password Maker' link [/password generation tab] (as in fig. 1b abstract). And enter the Password (Encryption Code) you gave when encrypting this video and also enter the User's Machine-Id and then press the 'Generate' button. This will yield the Playback Code need to play that video.
This Video Sanctuary version 2.0 application is released under freeware distribution licence by VSS Technologies, Karaikudi.
Thanking your continual support, we are happy to release this upgraded version supporting more video formats, stability and optimized execution.
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